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Strategic Tips For The Paintball Beginner

If you are a beginner paintballer, here are some basic tips to improve your paintball performance.  Remember that a moving target is harder to hit than one that stays in the same place.  If you’re using a bunker for protection … Continue reading

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What Does a Chronograph Do?

To measure the velocity of a paintball gun, it is fired over a chronograph.  A good chronograph offers both timekeeping and stopwatch functions.  The technology of the chronograph is similar to that of the Doppler RADAR.  Chronographs displays a paintball … Continue reading

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Paintball Gun Velocity

Most paintball guns feature some sort of velocity adjustment.  The way the velocity is adjusted is different with each particular model.  It’s smartest to first check the owner’s manual for the particular settings for your gun.  You can adjust the … Continue reading

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Common Paintball Injuries…

Many beginner paintball players are hesitant (perhaps terrified) when they start paintball because of rumors of how dangerous and painful its sometimes made out to be.  Paintball is not a dangerous sport!  Like any sport that’s played hard however, there … Continue reading

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