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Scenario Wonderland

Woodsball can take place in many different terrains. It can be on a field or just in the woods behind your house. Some commercial fields offer awesome scenario battlefields with buildings and realistic structures to hide behind. When playing on a … Continue reading

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Ya Gotta Love It…

  As you crawl through the undergrowth with your tactical paintball rifle, you hear the snap of a twig; you turn your head to find that you are ambushed by your enemies. The adrenaline rush is phenomenal, the tension unbearable, … Continue reading

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One Of My Best Moments…

Probably the best moment in my paintball career was when me and my team were in the finals of a tournament and we just managed to win. We were hunkered down behind some bunkers and the other team was slowly … Continue reading

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The Flush Out Strategy

A perfect strategy for attacking in paintball in called the Flush Out. This is used for any type of game play mode, such as speedball, scenario, or woods-ball. The strategy is when the other team is playing tight and trying … Continue reading

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The Spyder Xtra

The Xtra is a great Spyder paintball gun for beginners of all ages and types. It feels very sturdy in your hands and is very lightweight. This is good because if you don’t have a light gun in the field, you … Continue reading

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