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There it is in the distance less than twenty feet away…. the opposing team flag; your chance to be the hero of the game. You look around excitedly, seeing no one you rush toward the lone flag swaying lazily in … Continue reading

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More On Joining A Paintball Team

How often have you wondered why people create or join teams? Though the reasons can range from just because to tournament reasons. There are even more unseen reasons to join a team.  Being on a team can heighten your skills … Continue reading

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Snap Shooting

Snap shooting is an essential part of paintball for players that plan on winning tournaments.  In order to do this you will need to stand behind your bunker. Hold your gun up with your air tank rested AGAINST your shoulder … Continue reading

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Advantages on a Paintball Team

There are many advantages of being on a Paintball team. It is much more thrilling to win a game as a Team than to play by yourself and most likely loose. Being part of a team can be an ideal opportunity … Continue reading

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Large or Small Size Paintball Pistols?

Before purchasing a paintball pistol, realize these guns come in two sizes; .43 and .68 caliber corresponding to the size paintball they use. The smaller .43 caliber paintball pistols are by far some of the most realistic markers made; these … Continue reading

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