Binoculars and Paintball

Good vision is essential in paintball; seeing where you’re going is obvious but precision targeting depends on good vision.  Binoculars are helpful in paintball to see accurately down the field.  This accessory is key when you’re the spotter for a paintball sniper; the spotter finds and monitors the sniper’s target, relaying information to the sniper for a precision kill.  Before going out to buy the best pair of binoculars you can find, keep in mind that this optical equipment doesn’t really work with paintball goggles on.  Your paintball mask is essential equipment, however binoculars are not. 

Binoculars are made to be pressed up against your eye.  This is impossible when wearing a paintball mask.  So as binoculars are engineered to fit comfortably on your eye socket to give you a great view, this cannot be reached because of the 2 to 4 inches of space you get by wearing goggles that protect your eyes from paintballs.  Fortunately, if you’re using binoculars as the spotter of a sniper team, you will usually be a distance from the action, so taking off your mask temporarily to look through your binoculars may be possible, but dangerous.  Paintball masks should be worn at all times during a game.  So next time you think of helping out a teammate or even trying to look cool, remember that you always wear a mask in paintball.

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