Paintball Grenades

Paintball grenades are used by woodsball players to get one or more people out that are in a building or other hidden area.  They are great for crowed areas and if thrown right can get multiple people out at one time.  A good example is when there are opposing teammates in the upper floor of a building and you throw one in a window to try to get them out.  Instead of having to storm in and possibly get hit, throw a grenade and hope it hits your enemies without exposing yourself.

Paintball grenades are available in various sizes depending on how much paint you want to throw.  Smaller grenades are generally easier to throw and control, however they carry less paint.  On the other hand, you can also carry more of the small grenades without weighing you down too much.  Perhaps the only downfall of a paintball grenade is theat they might not break if not thrown hard enough… then the opposing players can pick it up and throw it back at you!

When trapped in a bunker without back up; facing another bunker filled with enemy players shooting at you… it’s hard to pop up and shoot back because there is such a steady stream of paint being shot at you.  This is where the paintball grenade comes in handy.  Throwing a paintball grenade into a crowded area can get all of those people out with a big splatter of paint.  Instead of trying to shoot each of them one by one and risking getting hit, throw a grenade to hit multiple targets and remain nice and safe!

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