Paintball Gun Price Ranges

Paintball guns seem to range greatly in price.  You can probably get one as cheap as $50 or you could choose a marker priced at over $2000.  There’s obviously a vast difference between the lowest end and highest end marker, but I found my favorite gun closer to the $50 price than $2000.  I came into the sport picking up a used Smart Parts Ion, and it was actually a decent gun and moderately reliable.  As paintball usually does, it consumed my money and shouted that I needed a higher end marker to play competitively.  So my next paintball gun was an Invert Mini for $300.  The Mini never once let me down.  It’s simple, light, compact design made it reliable and very useful to me as a snake player.  It kept up with any of the Ego’s we played against and brought home a few tournament wins for our team.  After that I tried a Dangerous Power G3.  I can’t complain about the gun itself, but nothing felt “right” in my hands after using the Invert Mini.  So I eventually bought another Invert Mini.  I used this marker until I took a break from the sport for a few years.  Recently, I re-entered paintball with deeper pockets and a greater passion.  So I decided that I would try something from the higher end price range; a DLX Luxe; a $1500 gun.  Don’t get me wrong, it performs great.  Some of it’s features are similar to the Mini; however the Luxe can shoot faster, looks nicer, and the gun talks to me.  What more could I ask for but an improved Invert Mini; for some reason it feels right at home in my hands.  The moral of the story is when purchasing a marker make sure you try out as many guns as you can and pick the one that makes you feel comfortable on the field, not necessarily the marker with the most features, or highest price tag.
Mike Koehnke, Spherical Glory Paintball Team

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