Common Paintball Injuries…

Many beginner paintball players are hesitant (perhaps terrified) when they start paintball because of rumors of how dangerous and painful its sometimes made out to be.  Paintball is not a dangerous sport!  Like any sport that’s played hard however, there are only a few mild injuries that are common to paintball.  Paintball is an active sport with much running, sliding, crawling and diving; scratches, bruises and sometimes cuts will occur from direct contact with the playing environment.  The most common bruise is made when directly hit by a paintball.  A high velocity paintball shot from close enough range will leave a gnarly bruise that can take weeks to disappear.  Other injuries from paintball mimic the same from other sports; fast movements and rough play occasionally result in orthopedic injuries.  Sprained ankles, knees, wrists; bone contusions and even fractures are all possible on the paintball field.  The least common injury, however most severe is being hit directly in the eye with a paintball.  While this has only happened a few times in the history of the sport, the resulting blindness is serious (and permanent) enough to warrant mandatory protection.  It should be noted… paintball is only a safe sport with the use of a certified paintball mask to protect the eyes; this game should never be played without protective eye wear.

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