Paintball Gun Velocity

Most paintball guns feature some sort of velocity adjustment.  The way the velocity is adjusted is different with each particular model.  It’s smartest to first check the owner’s manual for the particular settings for your gun.  You can adjust the velocity of most guns by the twist of a discreet knob or screw; other guns require a tool to change the velocity.  Remember, when you turn up the velocity, it will make your paintballs hit harder and therefore become more painful upon impact.  It will also be harder on the paintballs, with too much pressure causing balls to bust before they leave the gun.  The accepted ‘safe and effective’ velocity for paintball guns is 300 feet per second, or ~204 mph.  Most paintball fields require your gun’s velocity to fire at or below 285 fps.  Fields catering to younger players will often lower the required velocity to 250 fps so it’s not so intense when hit.

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