What Does a Chronograph Do?

To measure the velocity of a paintball gun, it is fired over a chronograph.  A good chronograph offers both timekeeping and stopwatch functions.  The technology of the chronograph is similar to that of the Doppler RADAR.  Chronographs displays a paintball gun velocity reading in feet per second.  In a way, a chronograph is a required piece of paintball safety equipment.  Paintballs hurt less (and cause less damage to the body) when they are shot from a paintball marker with a controlled, adjusted velocity.  Most fields have chronographs on site and require player’s guns to be set to a posted amount.  You can purchase your own chronograph from most shops and internet stores; they are easy to find and range from $80 to more than $200.  Setting and forgetting your paintball gun’s velocity is not the best procedure.  The velocity is affected by a number of factors including temperature (of the CO2 tank and the playing environment) and even the type of paintball used.  In order to get the most consistent velocity, test your marker with the chronograph several times during a day of play and adjust your gun accordingly.

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