Save Phace Mask Review

There’s no doubt about it, Save Phace Masks are great looking. They are the only air brushed, custom artwork paintball masks you will find from a commercial company. Many players are attracted to them for this reason. With several different lines to choose from, there are many cool looking designs with gnarly skulls, awesome camouflage patterns and interesting artwork.  Save Phace also makes masks for welding and other sports besides just paintball, however their basic molding seems to be the same.

Save Phace paintball masks come in a plastic protective clam shell for shipping. Inside the packaging, you will find the mask, a manual, a visor (and clips for attachment), and a soft bag for carrying/storing your paintball mask. The manual explains how to keep your mask clean and last the longest. You can also use the soft bag as a great cloth for cleaning and polishing the graphics of your mask.

As far as performance, Save Phace masks are not very low profile, however offer plenty of coverage. They’re great for covering the face, side of the head and all of the forehead. As a downfall, most Save Phace masks have a shiny sheen to them which may reflect light off your mask that might give away your position. Save Phace masks are also made out of hard plastic and will break paint rather than reflect, however the protection is still second to none. Save Phace masks also offer great coverage for the ears, however there are no holes over the ears. Despite this, you can still hear without any issues. Holes over the mouth allow non-muffled communication; better than what you’d think with a hard shell material mask. Overall, Save Phace masks are great to look at and perform well; their prices are also very affordable. Check out a complete selection at

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