Planet Eclipse Geo 3 Gun Review

Planet_Eclipse_LTD_Geo3_Paintball_Gun_-_Estar_Blue__50265_zoomThe Planet Eclipse geo 3 has a completely new look and feel. From the trimmed down milling to the raised grip frame and the brand new solenoid adjustment screw. This Planet Eclipse paintball marker is super small and extremely lightweight; perfect for high stakes speedball and tournament style paintball. It comes in a variety of colors to match your team uniform or just your favorite color. This gun is the perfect height and size too. The Geo 3 has by far the best performance out of all the geo’s. It has the perfect design for the fastest action games. So much so, a beginner with this gun in his hand may have a difficult time. The Planet Eclipse Geo 3 shoots smooth and consistent, but can be a bit much for a newbie to handle. The high price point of this marker generally keeps them out of reach of most new players however. For the experienced paintballer who knows what he’s buying, this gun has it all. The soleniod screw will help you adjust your geo the way you want it. This Geo 3 comes with an electronic board that allows you to ramp, three round auto and semi auto. On semi auto alone the gun is ridiculously fast leaving the other settings as almost a bonus. You also don’t need tools for maintenance of this marker. Like most high end tournament guns, you should take extra care keeping it clean and in good condition it will definitely be worth your investment. It may take saving all your pennies for a good long while, but ff you can get your hands on one of these guns, buy it.

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