Tactical Vests Vs. Pod Harnesses

1molle_tiberius_tactical_paintball_vestCarrying enough ammo with you on the field is important. It’s no fun running out of paintballs in the middle of a game because all you can do is dodge bullets until the end of the match. Carrying paintballs is done with either a pod harness or tactical vest. Whether your playing speedball or woods ball picking out which pod carrier or vest to use is important. If you play speedball, smaller, easy accessible type of carriers for quick reloading are best. You need to be able to grab the pods quickly as this game is timed and ultra fast, so every movement counts. Speedball players also shoot a lot of paint very quickly so a pod holder with a large capacity is smart. If you prefer woodsball, a good tactical vest to carry can be modified to carry tons of ammo plus all the gear you need on the battlefield. These camouflage garments can also be modified for the new mag fed markers that are all the rage now. Compared with a pod harness, paintball vests are good because you can carry a lot more than just ammo pods; they can also be customized with different pouches to cater to your exact needs. Other advantages of tactical vests are extra protection and a more even distribution of weight. Most vests allow you to place their pouches how you see fit, allowing you to set them up for the most comfortable and convenient arrangement around your body. Check out a huge selection of tactical paintball vests here… http://www.choicepaintballguns.com/tactical-paintball-vests.

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