Storing Paintballs In The Cold

240-fate-paintballs-red-yellowPaintballs become very brittle in the cold.  This is apt to cause breakage in the carton, loaders, hopper, barrel, and of course, on the target.  While break- age on the target is preferred, anywhere else can be a mess.  So keep the paint in a warm car while you are playing.  Between games, store your butt packs, loaders, and hopper in the car.  Refill your hoppers just prior to heading out to the field.  Keep in mind the exposure times mentioned above.  Also, keep the paintballs sealed in the bag.  If left in an open bag, the paint will dry out, adding insult to injury.  Some people report an above average number of balls rolling out the barrel when they play in cold temperatures.  This could be due to contraction if the paint is very cold.  Choose a barrel diameter to suit the day’s conditions.  Freezing temperatures and conditions will cause dimples to appear on paintballs.  Dimples will not come out of a paintball.  If you suspect paint has been frozen, throw it out.  Do not confuse dimples with flat spots.  Flat spots are often found at the bottom of case and do not adversely affect the performance of a paintball.  If you find flat spots on paintballs throughout the case, it may be an indication of exposure to high heat or humidity.

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