Tactical Movement

4524428481In scenario paintball, the way you and your team moves is crucial.  Most of the time, when the game starts, the team generally breaks up into a bunch of individuals.  Everybody wants to do something different; everybody wants to go their separate ways.  The best way to move is to copy the way a military squad moves; which by the way is practiced over and over and over again until their movement is totally automatic.  The squad has a leader and a scout and team members.  It can be as small as three or as large as 10.  One good way to do it is to have 2-man buddy teams.  This way, one player provides covering fire while his buddy moves to the next covered position.  The team must maintain visual and audio contact with each other at all times during the movement.  As you move forward, you either take fire or see an opposing player up ahead.  If he hasn’t seen you, then the hand signal is given to drop and freeze while the lead man (or whoever else wants to join in) takes aim and blasts a few paintballs at the target.  Anyway, when the coast is clear, the team continues to move.  When the lead man sees the target, he alerts his teammates by yelling ‘Contact!’ and starts shooting.  All team members also start shooting in the direction of the opposing player.  If the opposing player is not hit (and not advancing), then your rear team members start rushing forward, all the while the front players are laying down a barrage of paintballs.  As soon as the rear members have leapfrogged the front players and the NOW rear players continue to move up.  This continues until the opposing player either wets his pants and runs or gets hit.  Obviously the lead man and his buddy should have paintball markers fitting for medium to close range shooting…. any M4 Carbine replica paintball marker will do.  The guys in the very back may want the same but there should be at least 1-2sniper paintball guns on the team who can pick people off with a long range paintball scope.  If your team runs into opposing strength, reverse this movement to leapfrog retreat until you have picked off enough of their members to start advancing again.

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