Basic Marker Maintenance Tips

First of all, make sure all o-rings are in good condition.  The worst thing you can do is go to a field with a horrible leak that no one has the o-ring to fix it.  Your paintball marker comes with at least one extra o-ring, keep them with you.  Also, add the proper lubrication to your paintball gun.  Most all low end Spyder/Tippmann paintball markers will use oil (note this does not mean engine oil! Go to your local store and buy a bottle for $4.99).  For your high end markers (Dye, Planet Eclipse, ect.) you will want to use the proper grease. Do not use regular bearing grease on high end markers; it’s best to use the oil that comes with the gun or you often purchase more from the manufacturer.  Proper lubrication will keep your paintball marker running smooth and keep your o-rings from cracking and tearing.  Second, threads are important.  There are lots of them and some will destroy your marker if you destroy them. Note: if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it! Use lubrication on your threads, it will make it easier.  Clean the broken paint off every time you play.  At the end of the day completely strip your paintball marker and clean everything.  Worse than paint is water from playing woodsball.  Rusty paintball guns do not work, no matter how much lube you have.  If it gets wet, dry off your paintball marker before it goes back in the bag.  That goes for mud too.

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