Intimidation Strategy

Paintball1How can a player use intimidation, and what advantage can this give you or your team? Here’s an example: You’re playing in your first 5-man tournament and getting ready to walk onto the paintball field, you look across the field and see your opponents all decked out in matching paintball jerseys and covered in sponsor stickers from head to toe, they all have the same Invert Mini paintball markers and are chanting their team name over and over. How does this make you feel? Scared, doubtful, worried, or all the above? You may not break as far down the field if you’re intimidated. You may not make a move to get a better angle on your opponent if your intimidated; you may even hesitate when firing your paintball marker.  What do all these things have in common?  You will probably lose the game.

Now that you have the other team doubting their very manhood, let’s get inside their head a little.  When you arrive at the field keep a positive attitude and walk around like a rooster in a hen house.  Don’t slump and mope around like you just lost your best friend, be confident and KNOW your team is going to win.  Your mental confidence will be picked up by other teams and puts a seed of doubt in their heads.  Remember that games are won and lost on mental mistakes and breakdowns, if you can get in the head of your opponents; you are half way to victory.  Our team has gone so far as to bring all of our trophies and plaques to the tournament and display them on a table under our canopy. Teams will come by and say, “Wow, I hope we don’t have to play you”.  With a smile I’m always thinking, we have already won the mental game, and normally the actual game follows suit.

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