Aiming On The Run

progreenWhen playing paintball there are a few aiming variations which come into play often.  A common variance is the one-handed shot.  This is used often while blind shooting,  crawling, or diving.  Its main advantage is that it allows for a greater freedom of motion that allows the player to crawl, dive, or maneuver more easily while still lobbing some shots at the opposition.  This is a handy position to learn and get good at, because its uses are numerous.  Another common variance is attempting to shoot while running.  Bunkering and run-through maneuvers are dependent on this technique.  The easiest way to employ this method is to not rest thepaintball marker or CO2 tank on the shoulder, but to rather carry the paintball marker with only the hands.  This will eliminate the majority of the bumps and vibrations caused by running. Trigger speed will be affected by this, so aim carefully and squeeze off a few shots at the target. And remember, before attempting a bunkering maneuver, always find a position to run to after eliminating the target!

Here’s another aiming technique that will improve the aim of any position that can be used.  This magical technique is actually not a technique at all, but a natural characteristic of the body.  It is called muscle memory, and can only be formed by practice.  Muscle memory is a natural aspect of the body which causes the body to “snap” to a certain position while performing a familiar action.  A prime example of this is the action of talking.  Yes, talking.  The mind knows that the body needs to say something, so it tells the body to move the lungs and mouth in accordance with the phrase to be spoken.  The perfect synchronization of the lungs, tongue, jaw, and other parts is a product of muscle memory.  The body has practiced talking so many times that it knows what to do and when, and it becomes second-nature.  Practicing enough at something will result in it becoming part of muscle memory.  A paintball marker will snap towards the correct place to eliminate the target, fingers will move with a practiced and familiar motion as to maximize the rate of fire, and the target will put up his or her hand and yell “OUT!” because of experience, practice, and familiarity.  Get to know your favorite technique, and use it often.  And remember, practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice does make perfect.

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