Hawkeye Paintball Mask Review

ahawkeyeYour mask is one of the key pieces of equipment in the game of paintball.  Without a mask you cannot participate in play (and if you tried you would risk having your eye shot out).  When choosing the right paintball mask, remember… many players judge you by first looks.  When they give you this first, look, they are looking at your paintball equipment – your paintball marker and mask.  When buying a mask, choose one that’s flashy looking and gives the impression you’re experienced.  The fanciest paintball masks make you look like a division 1 pro.  This is one reason I recommend buying a Hawkeye mask.  The Hawkeye is a Rap4 mask and said to be one of the best in paintball.  Hawkeye paintball masks are widely used by beginner and experienced players alike.

Recently, I bought one of these masks to see if all the hype was real or fake.  I was impressed; it was comfortable and extremely convenient to use.  It was very lightweight and made me play better while wearing it.  It slides on easily and adjusts even easier.  Better yet, after a full day of paintballing, the lenses never fogged once.  The Hawkeye paintball mask performed far better than what I expected.  The Hawkeye paintball mask was definitely designed for tactical gaming and comes in black, tan, olive and clear.  It also has a very easy-to-use chin strap that secures it nicely even during the most active matches.  The main body of this mask is made of a flexible soft goggle frame; lightweight and soft against your face for maximum comfort.  The Hawkeye lens has a 190 degrees wide angle view for better peripheral vision on the paintball field.  You can also get awesome attachments for this mask, such as a helmet camcorder.  This option allows you to record your games from the way you see it exactly as it happens.  The Hawkeye also fits nicely in all kinds of different paintball helmets.  I give the Hawkeye paintball mask two thumbs up and a tiny gold star sticker with a smily face on it.  My recommendation would be to definitely buy this mask.

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