Camouflage Is Your Best Friend

4524428481Camouflage clothing has great advantages in paintball; it’s cool, cloaking and also protective.  Most players wear camouflage to help become invisible in their environment.  In woodsball, the sniper’s best friend is his paintball marker, but the gun is useless if he stands out like a sore thumb and is spotted immediately.  Camouflage clothing helps keep a sniper invisible and it’s the only way this position will have success.  Whether it’s military BDU’s or hunting gear, camouflage clothing is one of the best ways to out-smart and out-play your opponents.  The most crucial point about camouflage clothing is it’s ability to help you hide.  Camouflage works best when still, movement will cause the opponents eyes to see the blur and focus in on you.  When someone walks up on you, stay very still.  A sudden flurry of movement will probably catch their attention; no less than the slight rise of your barrel.  Even the best camouflage can be spotted and shot at, but being harder to see can help you stay a live longer in a match.

Another advantage of camouflage clothing is intimidation factor.  When a team moves together well as a unit, camouflage clothing can somewhat confuse the eyes of your opponent.  Moving as a group creates a brief ‘hazy’ look that plays a trick on the mind.  When the opponent is briefly confused he will begin to have a slight sense of uncertainty.  After the enemy has this uncertainty, every bush and branch and noise is going to make him nervous, possibly causing him to give his position away.  Don’t forget the camaraderie that develops when your entire crew is all dressed in matching camouflage clothing.  Camo’s can bring a certain amount of necessary ‘togetherness’.  Creating more uniformity in a group also tends to increase the intimidation factor by your opponents.  Camaraderie is one of the most important factors in winning a competitive paintball match; you have to trust each other and know your teammate is going to be there in a pinch.  Matching camouflage paintball uniforms help build this very quickly in a team and should be mandatory paintball gear in all tactical scenario paintball teams.

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