Pod Harnesses

47bluehexHaving a pod pack is a huge advantage in paintball, especially if you shoot a lot. A normal hopper holds about 200 paintballs. You can go through that fairly quick in one game and often need to refill in the middle of the action. A paintball pod harness is a belt that designed to carry numerous ammo pods so you can refill your hopper on the go. A good pod pack gives you a feeling of security and comfort knowing that you have extra paint on you in case you need it. Pod packs give you an edge on your opponents because you have lots of ammo at your ready, easy to access at any time. Pod packs come in many different sizes and varieties. They can hold different amounts of pods ranging from 2-12. There are pod packs for both woodsball and speedball. The woodsball packs are heavier and the ejection component isn’t as important but come in camouflage colors to match your tactical outfit. Pod harnesses for competition speedball are lighter so you can run more and they come with an elastic strip that helps eject pods up for faster reloading. Some players prefer to have bigger pod packs because they do contain more rounds but you also have to remember that this makes you a bigger, slower moving target. At most fields, getting shot from head to toe is considered out. This does include pod packs, so choose your pack carefully and wisely!

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Barrel Plugs

Barrel_coverWhy do you need a barrel plug? Barrel plugs serve as a purpose of protection towards you and everyone else around you. A barrel plug is a small piece of rubber or a fabric sock that covers or plugs the end of your gun to prevent any balls from shooting out of the barrel. Even though when you are not using your weapon you should have it pointed to the ground and finger off of the trigger, accidents do happen. A paintball gun barrel plug is a precaution so that no one gets shot and that everyone goes home with two eyes. A barrel plug should be in your gun whenever you have it in your hand and you are not playing a game. They should especially be in when you are in a safety area and back in the staging area or the main site of your field. These are two areas where players masks are constantly up and you don’t want to accidentally shoot someone in the face. Paintballs travel at high speeds and a shot from close range could possibly injure someone severely. Remember paintball is for the purposes of entertainment and fun purposes, but it’s only fun as long as it stays safe. Play safe and don’t forget to use barrel plugs.

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Magazine Fed Paintball

468 DMag Magazine Fed Paintball Gun M4 13ciSome people like to play paintball because of how realistic the paintball guns are nowadays. For some of the most realistic play possible, try magazine fed paintball. Now, magazine fed paintball guns are used during woodsball. Instead of a standard hopper with 200 rounds and a couple pods around your waist, you are carrying around magazines just like a real gun. Magazine paintball is fun, conservative and challenging. When using a mag fed gun you’re won’t be shooting as many rounds as you would with a hopper fed marker due to the fact that the magazine only carries 18-20 rounds. You have to know how to reload quickly and your shots have to be accurate and straight as the limited ammo supply leaves less room for error. This is why most players that do play this style use first strike rounds. First strike rounds are basically paintballs shaped like bullets. They help you shoot further and much more accurately. Although first strikes are considerably more expensive then regular paint they are worth it. You won’t find any retail brick and mortar stores that sell first strike rounds but you can purchase them online at any good internet paintball shop. Players also modify many of their mag fit guns to put scopes, bi-pods, sights and grips on them. You can make paintball as realistic as you want with more authentic gear, like a good magazine fed tactical marker. Convert your boring old tactical gun into a mag fed beauty and release the beast on the field.

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Tippmann is KING

paintball-capture-the-flagTippmann is the best company for starter paintball markers, tactical play and they even have included speedball into their variety. Tippmann is one of the best companies in the paintball world for producing reliable, super sturdy affordable paintball guns. They have such a wide selection of of gear and equipment you can buy. The best part about Tippmann markers is that they aren’t expensive what so ever and can be found in pretty much any store you go into. Tippmann makes high quality guns and they are built to last. All their markers can also be heavily upgraded to your liking. Tippmann guns are made to be modded. There are so many parts external and internal you can that will improve both the look and performance of your gun. I love going to an event and just seeing how people have modified their Tippmann paintball gun. Most of Tippmann guns are for tactical play but they do make one speedball marker called the Crossover. It is a mid range expense marker and I would use it in any tournament any day. A good way to see a lot of Tippmann guns in one place is the Tippmann vs World scenario game. Team Tippman uses all Tippmann guns and supplies while the World team uses any gun they want.  A lot of players bring their best tippmann equipment.

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Choose Your Type of Play

agogblueYour first major decision into the paintball world is buying your own equipment and more importantly buying your own gun. You should pick a paintball gun that fits your style of play and is comfortable for you to carry and wield. If you like to play in the woods for a more tactical style of play, you should get a woodsball marker. A good first tactical gun is a tippmann a-5 or a tippmann 98 custom. These guns are good for beginners because they last a long time and are easy to modify to your liking. There are so many upgrade parts and accessories for these guns, it’s possible to modify them so much they won’t even look like the original. Most Tippmann paintball guns such as these have a lot of interchangeable parts, so customizing them is very easy. If you like the more fast paced style of play, consider a tournament speedball gun. Speedball guns are faster, smaller and lighter so you can move around quicker. Tournament paintball guns also shoot fast. Most of them are electronic and feature settings like semi, three round and auto. Speedball guns aren’t as flexible to customize as tactical guns but work can still be done to them and there are plenty of ways you can upgrade them. If you are more about precision and the challenge of placing individual shots, try getting a pump paintball gun or pistol for your first marker. These guns aren’t like many others. You don’t need as much paint when using them and it gives you more of a challenge. With pumps players often us smaller hoppers, that hold only 50 balls. Choosing your first paintball gun will determine which kind of game you play but most markers can be used in any type.

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Good ol’ Rec Ball

HYP-paintballPlaying tournament and professional paintball is all about fun, but the setting is serious. Tournaments and events are competitions. Like all competitions there has to be a #1 team. This drives players to play more serious and aggressive out on the field. If you ever just want to get away from the serious environment, take a weekend or two off and play some good old fashion REC ball. Recreational paintball is for players at all levels, you can be a rookie or a pro it does not matter. Rec. ball is the most fun style of paintball. You don’t have to worry about winning some big championship, it’s just you, your buddies and/or people you may not even know going out and having fun. You get to puse whatever gun you want, rec. ball has no requirements. You can use tournament paintball guns or you can switch to the more tactical woodsball markers and give them a try. It’s also a great time to try out a pump paintball gun, which is actually one of the most popular styles of play because they are so fun to use. Rec. ball is a good way to strengthen your skills for the next level. It allows you to use everything you know in an environment that’s comfortable and you can pick out your own mistakes to know what you need to work on. A lot of pro players start out playing recreation paintball and once they get good enough they move quickly on up the ladder. Many Pros still play recreation paintball as it’s just one of those things that never gets old. A lot of people plan events or birthdays at rec. fields because the game is so much fun.

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Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

high_impact_paintball_welts_02Paintball is a fun game, but like all games there is a way of cheating. An example is when you actually watch your balls splat on an opponent without the ref seeing it, but yet he keeps playing. You yell to the ref to get him out and he reappears clean. Both of you know he was hit but since the refs didn’t see he’s still in play. If you are caught cheating in paintball you will be penalized and it could have an effect on your team. Many people think that there are no penalties in paintball but there most definitely are. Cheating in paintball is basically wiping paint when you get shot. Another big penalty is shooting when you are out or leaving the field. These are called ‘bonus balls’. Many people are really good at it and find tips and tricks to trick the ref in thinking they weren’t shot. Others aren’t so lucky. Whether you’re good at cheating or not, you shouldn’t do it. Whether you get caught or not, it always gives you and your team a bad reputation; you’ll be known as cheaters throughout the paintball world. Cheating is just plain bad sportsmanship. You know you are supposed to get out when you get shot so please just get out. If you want new paintball gear from a sponsor, you will have trouble landing a deal with the reputation of a cheater. Cheating always makes something less fun then what it is. Its just like a video game, it’s just not the same when you play with all the cheat codes. With no competition you are basically just going through the motions. Please be a fair player out on the paintball field, cheaters never prosper.

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Cool Masks

dead-mans-gear-waThe most important rule in paintball is to keep your mask down over your face when on the field at all times. The mask is your biggest protection in the game. Even if your paintball mask is fogging up or you have to itch your face or if you simply just want fresh air, don’t do it; always keep your mask down. Paintballs travel at high speeds. If one of them hits you in the eye, the consequence is serious. Getting shot in the eye with a paintball would not only hurt but it can cause blindness and other eye problems. This is why field owners and refs stress the rule so much. Many people don’t like wearing a paintball mask as much as they should but perhaps they can modify them to their liking. If you’re creative and adventurous enough, you can change a plain, ordinary mask into something crazy looking that no one has seen before. Accessories like colored lenses, different color options for various parts of the mask and even fans can be added and really turn a drab face mask into a fierce competition winning ninja. Save Phace paintball masks offer the coolest custom air brushed graphics so you can look like the Predator or an evil clown on the paintball field. If you don’t like some of the awesome creations Save Phace stock masks, you can also get a blank Save Phace mask and have it custom painted into a gnarly Army of Two mask or anything else you can think of.

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Paintball Footwear

exaltcleatblackDeciding on the type of footwear to wear for paintball may not seem that big but it actually is an essential part of your game. If you wear too heavy of a shoe it can slow your ability to move and this can have dire consequences. This is why most pros and speedball players make their main footwear choice soccer cleats or professional paintball cleats. Soccer and paintball cleats are lightweight and easy to get around in. They are comfortable and keep you moving fast around the field. You’ll find this footwear easy to match with your gun and team uniforms. Some players also wear football cleats. Some cleats are high tops and these offer terrific extra support for your ankles while still being easy to move in. If your playing speedball, a good pair of cleats is best but woodsball is different. In woodsball, you will be walking on many different types of terrain, so a good pair of lightweight boots or athletic hiking boots work great. The boots will keep traction and also keep your feet from getting wet if you step in a puddle, creek or trench filled with water. The most important thing to remember when choosing the best paintball footwear  is to make sure your feet are comfortable at all times. Traction is the next important consideration and should be decided on depending on the type of game you play.

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Wear A Paintball Jersey For A Professional Look

progreenWhen people are afraid to play the sport of paintball, it’s because they think of how bad the paintballs hurt when they make contact. This causes many people to layer up, which could be a bad thing because it causes you to move slower and in some cases the extra layers can be uncomfortable. This is especially true in the heat of summer time. Who wants to layer up with clothes when the sun is directly shining on you and it’s a 100 degrees out? There are ways to prevent yourself from having a heat stroke and still have some protection against high velocity paintballs. One way is to purchase a professional paintball jersey. The jersey gives you the protection needed for paintball but they are also lightweight and versatile. Paintball jerseys allow you to move fast and get around the field the way you want without being limited by a bunch of extra material and bulky clothing. Most jerseys also have ventilation built into certain places to help air condition your body and keep you cool in the heat. If you get a jersey, you might also consider a pair of good paintball pants to match. Most paintball pants have padding and pockets. The many pockets on paintball pants allow you to carry supplies needed on the field so they are very convenient as well as comfortable to wear. When you put on an entire matching paintball uniform, it just puts you in game mode. Looking like a professional paintballer makes you move and shoot like one too! As a beginner or intermediate player, the right gear like this can intimidate your opponents before they even know you’re not very good yet! Wear a good paintball jersey and matching pants to excel in your game and you will love the added protection and cool look they provide!

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