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Spyder Victor – Marker Review

The Spyder Victor 09 or the Spyder Victor 1 are great paintball guns for any beginner on a budget. You can find these markers for a cheap $50-$70, so they’re excellent to start out with. The Victors are easy to … Continue reading

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Types Of Paintball Games

There are 3 types of paintball games: Recreational, Tactical, and Tournament Style. Recreational paintball is what most people play for fun on the weekend; it’s a friendly game among family and friends for all ages. Basic paintball equipment is all … Continue reading

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Paintball Gun Electronic Triggers

If you’re new to paintball, you’ll be shocked and surprised at how fast even the cheapest paintball markers shoot.  For most players, semi-automatic paintball guns shoot plenty fast enough; yet ultimately you will crave something faster… fully automatic action still … Continue reading

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