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Wear A Paintball Jersey For A Professional Look

When people are afraid to play the sport of paintball, it’s because they think of how bad the paintballs hurt when they make contact. This causes many people to layer up, which could be a bad thing because it causes … Continue reading

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Buck Lure Scented Paintballs

Now you can use your paintball gun for hunting!  Of course you’re not going to be able to bag any big game with your Tippmann 98, but you can use your gun to help attract them.  Shoot Buck Lure Scented … Continue reading

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Baggy Is Best

If you’re just starting paintball, you may not have a brand name pair of paintball pants or a paintball jersey, but you should wear certain clothing to play.  Baggy or thick clothing is best when playing paintball to protect your … Continue reading

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Necessary Camouflage

Camouflage clothing makes perfect paintball gear; the material breathes, it’s protective and best of all turns you invisible!  Most players wear camouflage for the invisibility aspect however to blend into their environment.  There’s no doubt, the sniper’s best friend is his paintball … Continue reading

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