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There it is in the distance less than twenty feet away…. the opposing team flag; your chance to be the hero of the game. You look around excitedly, seeing no one you rush toward the lone flag swaying lazily in … Continue reading

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Types Of Paintball Games

There are 3 types of paintball games: Recreational, Tactical, and Tournament Style. Recreational paintball is what most people play for fun on the weekend; it’s a friendly game among family and friends for all ages. Basic paintball equipment is all … Continue reading

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Where To Refill CO2 Tanks

A common dilemna with paintball is where to get your CO2 tanks refilled.  You will have a regular need to refill tanks if you play paintball.  Unfortunately, most players do not own a commercial sized air compressor or CO2 tank … Continue reading

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Advantages Of Being On A Paintball Team

As an individual, going to tournaments and playing paintball against other players with various skills and playing styles will help build your skills.  However playing on a team has so many more benefits.  Playing on a team will help push … Continue reading

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Work Your Way Up To Learn Your Gear….

When you first start playing paintball, it’s best to use rental gear or even a paintball gun set up you borrow from a friend.  This way it won’t cost you a lot to figure out if you like the game.  … Continue reading

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Store Your Paintballs Properly For Best Performance

Composed of glycerin and gelatin, a paintball shell is very dry, brittle and water-soluble.  This shell acts like a sponge in humid conditions, absorbing any water in the air.  Conversely, moisture is extracted from a paintball shell in cold, dry … Continue reading

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Empty Paintball Shells – Unique Applications

Empty paintball shells are available to be filled with whatever substance you want to splat when shot out of your paintball gun.  Choose your filling and snap the shells closed to make your own custom ‘paintballs’!  Fill them with inert … Continue reading

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The Rover Position

The rover is the player that fills in where ever he is needed.  He is also known as the insert player.  Generally the rover stays around the middle of the field where he can easily slip into the front or back … Continue reading

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