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Cool Masks

The most important rule in paintball is to keep your mask down over your face when on the field at all times. The mask is your biggest protection in the game. Even if your paintball mask is fogging up or … Continue reading

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Crappy Masks = Crappy Experience

For a new player, the quality of the paintball mask they use can greatly influence their experience. Many people’s first experience with paintball is seen through scratched lenses handed to them by a field. Constantly dealing with fogged up lenses … Continue reading

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Save Phace Mask Review

There’s no doubt about it, Save Phace Masks are great looking. They are the only air brushed, custom artwork paintball masks you will find from a commercial company. Many players are attracted to them for this reason. With several different … Continue reading

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More About Paintball Protective Equipment

Wearing knee pads and shin guards is really essential in paintball since players often shoot while on their knees after sliding into position.  Many bunkers are not built for tall people so kneeling and crouching down are frequently engaged in.  … Continue reading

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Save Phace Mask Protectant Kits

Save Phace paintball masks are some of the finest you will see on the paintball field.  Hard plastic offers complete protection for the face and much of the front and sides of the head.  Soft, neoprene-type padded material keeps the … Continue reading

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